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Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

  • Confirm site of pregnancy

  • Determine gestational age of fetuses

  • Confirm the numer of fetuseses


Down Screening

11w 1d - 13w 6d

A very specific algorithm is used to calculate a risk factor for Down syndrome, Patau syndrome and Edwards' syndrome with information provided through ultrasound, a blood test and the mother's age. A risk factor is also calculated for development of Preeclampsia, Intrauterine growth restriction and preterm delivery. This test does NOT test the DNA itself.


Gender Determination

16 weeks onwards

Gender reveal!!! How exciting! From a medical perspective, the position of the placenta is determined, and the weight of baby is calculated. 


Fetal Anomaly

19w 1d - 23w 6d

This ultrasound is extremely important to determine whether there are any structural abnormalities in the fetuses. The face, brain, heart, abdominal organs, spine and limbs are among the structures evaluated.


Growth and
Doppler Studies

26 weeks onwards

Doppler studies are used to determine the blood flow to and from the fetuses. The growth of baby is evaluated by measuring the head, abdomen and femur.


Meet Anica

I am a qualified and passionate sonographer who started my career in Pretoria as a radiographer at the Little Company of Mary hospital while studying and completing my degree during this time.  I completed my community service at the Potchefstroom Hospital in 2009, which was a busy and extremely rewarding time. 


My desire to always learn new things inspired me to complete my ultrasound degree at the University of Johannesburg in 2012.  In 2013 I relocated to East London and worked at a Radiology practice until 2015 and then moved to Port Elizabeth where I started working at the Fetal Ultrasound Center.  This is where I developed a great passion working with parents-to-be and showing them their tiny little miracle and at the same time applying my knowledge in detecting abnormalities or

pathology intra-uterine. 


I reside in George with my husband and three precious daughters.  Being a mom myself I know the joy, excitement and love of seeing your little unborn baby for the first time.  I love every second of my career and will always cherish being part of such a beautiful miracle.

I am extremely privileged to be accredited with the Fetal Medicine Foundation, London UK, in both Down screening and Fetal Anomalies.  In 2016 I was blessed to start my very own practice in the beautiful Garden Route, providing services to patients of most gynaecologists and private patients from Mossel bay to Knysna and Klein Karoo. 

PRACTICE # 065 1974


Confirm the pregnancy and its location


Determine your baby's gestational age


Confirm the number of babies.


Evaluate your baby's growth


Study the placenta and amniotic fluid levels


Identify birth defects


Investigate complications


Determine fetal position before delivery.

Reasons to get an ultrasound

Q: Why do a Fetal Anomaly ultrasound?
A: A fetal anomaly ultrasound is performed after 18 weeks of gestation and preferably after 20 weeks. In this ultrasound scan, all organs are being evaluated for any structural abnormalities. The position of the placenta and blood supply to the placenta. 

Quick Notes

Bring your own memory stick
You don't need a referral from your Doctor or Midwife
Report will be sent to your Doctor or Midwife
3D/4D ultrasounds available
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